No More Headaches

“The headaches have practically disappeared and I get over my colds very quickly….I’m much better at handing stress and I seem to be much more relaxed all the time. I love coming in Monday mornings for an adjustment. It not only starts the week off great, it helps me organize my thoughts and things I have to do in a clear and achievable way. With a way to release my stress, I seem to be happier and more efficient with my time.”

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More Life Enjoyment

“When I started Network Care, I dropped all other treatments I was doing, and I noticed the improvement in my health over the few months I was with Network Care…. Network Care has helped me enjoy every part of my life more….”

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Improved Mood

“I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall mood; I feel much more balanced and am experiencing less anxiety.”

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Better Running

“When I tried to run, my body felt uncoordinated and I could not get the body in a running rhythm…. Now on my morning walks, I do include some running and it feels good.”

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Emotional and Physical Gains

“I was a train wreck emotionally as well as physically. I don’t think I remembered what being at ease with myself felt like anymore. [Network Care] has helped me deal with past issues and concentrate on important present challenges such as my health and my studies.”

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Healthier Outlook

“My back pain is less prevalent, and I am more aware of my body. I am able to prevent and lessen the pain when it occurs. I also have a healthier outlook in mind and body.”

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Poetry Inspired by Network Care

The Third Eye

When I left my dormant body,

I tested circumstance with my reveries;

I thought about the tragedies

Involved in all my memories,

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Dr. Allison Barriscale has moved west from downtown Toronto to Milton, ON where she is now practising full-time with her partner and husband Dr. Robert Coddington.


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