Less Back Pain, Healthier Eating

"My back has become so much better!" 

Name: Peggy Saunders


How was your health before you started care at the Café of Life?

I had a lot of pain in my back and I think I had reached a plateau in my recovery. I also had some joint pain and migraines.


What changes have you experienced in your health since you started chiropractic care?

My back has become so much better! It was almost always in pain, with brief moments of painlessness. These last couple weeks of coming here have created the reverse—usually a pain-free back, that only gets sore at times (i.e. study & exam times). I’ve had almost no joint pain, other than my wrist, but that is due to the aforementioned essays and exams.


What other life changes have you experienced or made while under chiropractic care?

I’ve decided to really start being healthier, snacking on veggies, fruits or nuts, and cutting off empty candy calories. I am also starting to exercise more.

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Dr. Allison Barriscale has moved west from downtown Toronto to Milton, ON where she is now practising full-time with her partner and husband Dr. Robert Coddington.


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