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“When I started Network Care, I dropped all other treatments I was doing, and I noticed the improvement in my health over the few months I was with Network Care…. Network Care has helped me enjoy every part of my life more….”

Name: Carolyn Dera


How was your health before starting Network Chiropractic care?

Very poor. I was suffering from serious back pain that limited my mobility as well as prevented me from getting enough sleep. This also weighed heavily on my emotions because I was always in pain and tired and stressed because I was seeking help in many different ways (holistic and medical) and nothing was helping.


How has your health improved since starting Network Chiropractic care?

I am able to walk straight and perform my regular activities again, and I sleep comfortably through the night. I have also noticed a general increase in my energy, which is a huge positive addition. When I started the network care, I dropped all other treatments I was doing (acupuncture, massage therapy, traditional chiropractor, eye mapping, conventional medical treatment), and I noticed the improvement in my health over the few months I was with Network Care.


What other changes have you experienced in your life since starting Network Care?

During my time with Network Care, I was getting ready to complete my degree and graduate in June ’07. I was also dealing with the emotional ramifications of feeling sick all the time, and I was diagnosed with clinical depression.


What experiences have you had while being entrained or after an entrainment?

When I have felt overwhelmed by stress due to an exam or other stress in my life, while being entrained I feel my focus return to me. I am then able to breathe and do much better on tests.. Dr. Allison taught me to take deep breaths while writing, and just let the knowledge come to me. This has been extremely beneficial to me.


How do you feel during and/or after an entrainment?

During and after entrainments, I usually feel very relaxed and calm. It can also be that I feel reenergized and refuelled. It depends on what situation my body is in. Entrainment will usually centre me according to my needs at the time.


What areas of your life has Network Care helped you enjoy more?

Network Care has helped me enjoy every part of my life more, because when I first came here, I was at a very miserable time in my life. I feel that I have been able to regain my life as it was prior to these ailments, and even more because I am able to understand why I might feel this way, and listen to my body.


Can you think of three people in your life that would benefit from Network Care?
Please list the reasons why you would want those people to receive Network Care:

  • Ease of pain in a gentle manner
  • Consistent treatment at a steady pace
  • Learn how to listen to your body
  • SRI breathing technique
  • Warm atmosphere
  • Overall feeling of well-being

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Dr. Allison Barriscale has moved west from downtown Toronto to Milton, ON where she is now practising full-time with her partner and husband Dr. Robert Coddington.

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