Better Running

“When I tried to run, my body felt uncoordinated and I could not get the body in a running rhythm…. Now on my morning walks, I do include some running and it feels good.”

Name: Lise Babin


How was your health before starting Network Chiropractic care?

My health was fine in that I did not have any major health issues but I can’t say that I was feeling great. A recent analysis of the status of my health with my doctor (in alternative medicine) turned out the best results I’ve ever had so I must be doing something right!


How has your health improved since starting Network Chiropractic Care?

My well being has improved in many ways. On the physical level, I had a constant pain at the top of my left shoulder which is now gone. I used to go for walks but I could not run. When I tried to run, my body felt uncoordinated and I could not get the body in a running rhythm. It just felt too awkward and I would just stop. Now on my morning walks, I do include some running and it feels good. I do get into a rhythm that feels comfortable.

On the emotional level, I had some very interesting experiences through Network Care. Various difficult past experiences started to come to mind. Although these had been difficult experiences, I was not experiencing the difficulty but rather it was like the experience was passing through the mind’s eye and I was simply observing what happened. It felt as though I was simply processing the experience in a calm and collective manner. I now feel that I’ve been liberated from a lot of negative feelings.

I also feel that I’ve grown spiritually. I’ve experienced some profound changes in the last year and I can’t say for sure but I suspect Network Chiropractic Care supported and enhanced the effect of the spiritual disciplines I practiced.


What other changes have you experienced in your life since starting Network Care?

One change that I’ve noticed is that I now become aware when my posture is not good. It’s like my body now knows what is right and it lets me know if I put it in postures that cause stress. I quickly become aware of the stress and adjust my posture accordingly.

I also feel more aware of my emotional and mental states. Again, with this awareness, I can then make the necessary changes to correct what doesn’t feel right. I used to put myself through a lot of stress that I now see as unnecessary and actually detrimental to my wellbeing. I now feel more in control.

To sum it up, I would say that Network Care has helped me to achieve more balance at the physical, emotional, and mental level and also that these aspects of my being are now better integrated.

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Dr. Allison Barriscale has moved west from downtown Toronto to Milton, ON where she is now practising full-time with her partner and husband Dr. Robert Coddington.


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